Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday is about to end part 9230756

*note that this post will not so much to be in ur liking coz it got no pictures, no jokes, talks about the uninteresting thing that i did during the holiday etc. so, don't say i didn't warn u...:p

browsing through my blog,i found out that it is customary for me to write a post when there's only little time left before to the holiday ends,so,this one is another,hehe...

okay,its been quite a while since the last time i updated this blog(a while,pfftt,more like a century) and a lot of things had happened during that period of which the last time i posted something till this very post, thus, i will now highlight some of the important n significant incident or things or watever it is you may call, during the holiday..

le me going to KK!
-yup, wonderful time(though it was only 4 days(serius gantung brabis,nda puas meround,nda puas shoping,huhuhu))..n ofcoz met some old friend(old friend la sangatt :p )

le me suddenly active in twitter!
-huh??is this considered as highlight??u tech blind or something??everybody got a twitter,y u so late??? (that awkward moment when ur mad at urself bcoz u did something tht u didnt like :p...(ni pngruh twitter,smu pkai 'that awkward moment when..bla bla bla....i'm becoming mainstream! :p)

le me discovered 'great' youtube channels!
-(nampak sgt tym cuti depan skrin lptop jk =.= ) bcoz i was surfing youtube way too much than any ordinary guru pelatih(naaahhh,i bet there's other guru pelatih in the same boat as i am,youtube freak,hahaha), i have discovered youtube channels that you people should subscribe...among them are the YTF gang which consist of Ryan HigaChesterseeDtrix and their other members, you wont miss it, they always give links..besides the ytf gang, the most subscribed channel on youtube, Raywilliamjohnson (who followed me on twitter(bangga)), Reckless Tortuga n uhhhh, i think thats the top 3 on my list...(is ur holiday really just about youtube?WRONG!)

le me pass the exam!
-muahahahahhahahahaha...yes people, i've passed! even though the question was hard as hell, yes, i have passed! i can continue my study in becoming the engineer of society(its teacher actually,but that term i think is acceptable,considering we're among the big influence in shaping the childs' mind...(ceh,ngada2))

le me go to round2 sarawak
-yes,it was a five day trip actually,visiting my mom's village at jerijih, families at dalat (uih,dalat semat aiee...untunglaaa zelly tggal sna...knpa semat??maybe ak ska bab simple,pastu stiap kmpng 2 terconnect dgn sungai, yang berbuaya,sbb 2 la nda dpt mndi ari 2,hhu), mukah, sarikei,bintulu,pusa,smuaa laaa!hehehe...bole la best...dpt mkn mknn tradisional org mlanau mcm linut(my cousin said that u cant laugh while eating that food,its a 'pantang'..ntah la..)

theres a lot more really but i think this is enough for this customary post on my blog...n before i end this, the usual shout, HOLIDAY IS ABOUT TO END!!! aaaarrrggghhhhhhh!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


its been a while since the last time i updated this blog...anyways, lets get straight to the thing that i would like to discuss tonight...

as we all malaysian know, we just won the SEA games gold medal in football, beating our arch nemesis, indonesia!!!! a dramatic match that end up in 1-1 draw which then decide through penalties which we won 4-3(amek mu,haha)....HOOOORRREEEEYYYY!!!!!!!

but then, moments before im posting this post, Malaysia lose 0-2 to syria in the olympic group qualifying rounds...sad...

well, i got mixed emotions n opinions about our national squad n the fate of malaysian football...first of all, yes, i am proud with their achievements in the sea games. they've shown that malaysia is definitely one of the power house in football in sout east asia region that is(judging by the u23 squad n champions of the AFF suzuki cup)...

BUT...wake up call people, we r still far behind...the footballing system in our nation is i think still not up to the standard if we are to compete against other asian giants..our leagues still below the par...the quality,*sigh*,is still far reach from the level that'll put us as the same ranks as other nations...sometimes,the current state of our league or footballing thingy watever really made me questioned myself, what really went wrong??

if we look back in history,our footballing quality is not that far from others and we did produce some brilliant players along the way...that history my friend should've been the foundation of our country's football development(which i think we should reap the outcome right now)...but then, what had happen???where did it all go??honestly, if the FA build the ground from those past years of glories,'fixing' the leagues or perhaps build an academy and such,  its not impossible that we're playing at the 2006 world cup...i mean, look at korea, japan, they were able to do it, so why aren't we??hurrrrmmmmm...perhaps we were buzy chasing the 2020 vision or maybe buzy building sky what the heck...

yes, who am i to say such words n judgments on our football whatever league squad thingy, u don't have the authority! ur not even an expert in these sort of things!"...yup, perhaps, but as a fan n a malysian who loves football as much as his love to life, i think i have the rights to voice out my opinion...its my blog for god sake!hehe...

all in all(cam esay la plak), i hope that our nation football will....i don't know, i hope for the best n definitely improvements....MALAYSIA BOLEH!

below is a video of one of the greatest footballing legend that our country produce n of course some glimpse of how great our football was...the golden age as they call it...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

we were programmed wrong...

gempak kn title??haha, not really la..this thought suddenly came to my mind while i was studying(mo tnjuk sda study la ni,hhe)...

right, now i would like to ask, why are we studying?whats the sole purpose of us studying?

i'm sure that most of u will answer exam dah dekat, or back in ur school days, to get a brighter future/to achieve my ambition n get a good job when u grown up...i think thats why nowadays u got people committing suicide because of studies or career related thingy..

if only we were thought or nurtured that we study is for the sake of knowledge itself, to love the knowledge, to appreciate it, NOT becoz u must pass some exam papers or because u were told to...

dah,mo smbung study,haha...

this pic was taken way back during my schooling days...good times..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

main jwb 11 soalan adell suruh :p

this post is dedicated Miss Abdil Zakiah a.k.a Adell a.k.a 2nd witch a.k.a 3rd speaker a.k.a kind evil stepmother,hehe...(tgok,ak poskn lg gmbr mu msa kta 'menang' impromptu speech ari 2,hhe :p )

God helps those who help themselves

so i got tagged by teacher adell in a game where i have to tell 11 things about me n then answer another 11 question given by her...okay, so here goes!

11 things about me

-i'm a big fan of Manchester United( sure all of u noe that,hhe)

-i read novels..sometimes...(o yaaa,dell,buku wikileaks ku pa kbr???hhe)

-so in love with cars(my current favorite car is Lexus it, its wicked!)

-i enjoyed reading comics by Zint,Slaium,Ben,Keith n other local comic artist(mst ko x tau ni kn dell?? :p)

-without any doubt, i would rather sit back at my home or in any mamak stall to watch a United game rather than going on a hot date(actually,that depends,if it was hanis zalikha o selena gomez o heliza o diana danielle o rossie huntington whitely o juliana evans o kiera knightley o scarlett johansen, perhaps, by some chance, i'll reconsider it,hhe :p )

-i don't have a such a good sense of fashion...but i'm not the worse,hhe

-my favorite brand is Nike, Adidas n Converse(typical boys favorite)

-i'm a good listener coz its my nature to just listen to whatever people say(so if any of u out there got any problems to share with,let it be known that i am here(single girls only,hhe :p..just kiddin..)

-sometimes i tend to get nervous o shy with people who i never been or met with..but once they noe me, mwahahahaha(evil laugh)

-i have alergies..(nda mo bgtau ap,t ad org niat jhat,ssh ak,hhe)

-when i was a kid my dream was to become an automotive engineer, but that dream shattered to pieces after i realise how freaking hard add math n physic was...bye2 dream...

Now, the 11 questions:

1. Animal that freak me out? Penyengat...disebabkan ni benda i was hospitalized....

2. Love before or after marriage? before is preferably better but don't take too much time coz u'll get me,hhe...

3. People who annoys me? them fuckin' litter bugs...never failed to annoy me...

4. do i believe in ghost? Uuuuuiiiihhh, bilip!(slang2 sabah) lot of my friends saw them...

5. INCEPTION! i've watched it gazzilion time but it never gets old...

6. Lemon Tree by Fools Garden...heard the song ever since i was a kid...hearing it brings me back to memory lane,haha

7. Place i would like to visit? the motherland of football: England!

8. First love? u wouldn't believe this: 11..advance kn?? :p

9. Wikileaks: Inside Jullian Assange War On Secrecy...ehhh, dgan ko msh buku tu kan??pa kabar??hehehe :p

10. My favorite color is red. why? back at high school my rumah sukan was Magnesium which is red,hhe...

11. 5 words to describe me? Curious, Humble, Respectful, Provocative, Kind

so now i have to tag 11 friends right?

Mon(tolng bgtau dy dell,nda smpat mo link2,jm 2 sda ni,hhe :p )
Mira NS
Adell(nda byk bh knln blog ku,ko jwb jk balik,hhe..)
Hanis Zalikha
Obefiend Weiland
Richie McCaw
Barrack Obama

my 11 questions are:

1.if you're bout to die to tomorrow, who are going to give ur final words to n what is it?
2.u saw a kid starving n u urselve starving. would u buy the kid some food?
3.if ur the prime minister or the president(now Barrack, i'm sure ur good at this) of a nation, what's the first thing u would like change in that country of yours?
4.if u wrote a book, what'll the title be? you believe in the idea that we can plant ideas in ones mind through dreams? you think Sharbinee is to be blame for Terengganu recent defeat to Negeri Sembilan?
7.whats the first thing pop out of ur head when u hear/read the word: Facebook
8.who's more handsome, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds? you think Coca Cola company is to be blame for Nadia Muliadi's current addiction to the drink or is it she herself is to be blame for being unable to control herself. give ur opinion.(10marks)
10.who do you think will win the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League?
11.what is acculturation? 


Monday, October 31, 2011


yes, the final exam for us tesl students is next week, the exam that'll determine whether we're worthy or not to become future teachers,that means u adell(ko jk yg bca blog ni kn,hhe :p ) n the rest of u PPISMP BI 610...

but i'm not gonna talk about any exam stuff,coz its boring...n scary...y is it scary??have ever get the thought that u r betting ur future on a piece of paper??i mean, look at our education system, ur qualification to everything is based on how u do in ur exams, isn't it?

dah2, enuff of this exam crap...

what i really would like to talk about tonight is about the movie that i just saw, just a couple of minutes ago while writing this post(kantoi x stdy,pdhal xam sda mnggu dpn >.< ). title of the movie? Limitless...directed by Neil Burger(i think he was named Burger coz he likes to eat burger :p (bad joke =.=') )...i never heard about the movie before, but credits to ghazali coz he's the one who suggest me to watch it.

the main character, sometimes in certain scenes, looks like Andres Villas Boas

so, did i like the movie?

hell yeah! though i m a bit disappointed with the plot, just a bit, at the end of the story..but the idea or the theme of the story make it possible for it to be in the my list of movies that i admired*.

what made me so impressed over this movie?(though in the IMDB, which stands for Internet Movie Database, it only got 7.1/10) well the theme of course! it's about pills(lame..) which able to enhance ur brain(huh?)..sort of a bad drug, but its good!(cam promote dadah la plak)..i like their concept of science where they state that we humans only use 20% of our brain's true potential, but with this pill, it promotes ur brain's true potential, in other words, u can get full access of ur brain! it's quite unlogical but through this fantasies-science fiction-lovaholic mind of mine, it is possible!(imagination is more powerful than knowledge)..just like the movie Inception, u noe, their idea of subconscious, where you can steal information from a person or plant an idea in them while they're in their sleep, i think it's possible(gila...but hey, back in the 15th century you'll be called a crazy person when u think u can fly..see, imagination is more powerful than knowledge..if nobody ever though about doing beyond the normal like flying, u wouldn't have ur Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines to fly u through the globe...)

 if only those pills are real, i'll have no problems in my coming exam,haha(people, please, don't do drugs for the sake of a stup final exam, its not worth it...)...naaahhh, even if the pills were real, i wouldn't wanna take it, u'll eat urself for being too smart!(like in the movie).i mean yaa, in reality u'll feel ur freaking smart than anybody else n then u'll start to think that ur god, it happens really, thats y u got bunch of fucking atheis who think they're smart enough, so smart that they thought they out smart god...people, who r we compared to Allah S.W.T? we r puny, punier than puny, much more punier, much much much more punier compared to Him...

in a nutshell(skema), the movie Limitless was great, the movie made me didn't study tonight(but i will after publishing this..hopefully), exam is next week, and there u have it, my blog is finally updated...yeay!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hans Zimmer The Genius

here's a little side of me that i think most of u(even my own friends) didn't know..i like songs with no voice(meaning its just the musical instrument)..but my favorite for this kind of music is the one that produced by hans zimmer...

the man, the legend: Hans Zimmer

who the fish is hans zimmer????

u wanna noe who in the hell is hans zimmer?well,u'r connected to the internet right??google it lah!apa susah!hehehe :p..kiddin..he's the guy who produce music o soundtrack for blockbuster movies like Inception, The Dark Knight n Pirates of Caribbean...if u watch all these movies, there is that music played in certain scenes(background music) which really suit it perfectly, its like the music tells the whole story, it brings the mood to the audience(see,i'm not ur typical guy who just SEE movies..i appreciate the every bit of detail that they did,thats why i'm very critical in criticizing a movie(blueeekkk!!!sila muntah beramai2)..but seriously, i do(chin up).

here is some of his master piece that i truly admire(i'm not a musician but i do appreciate good music)


and this...

but what i really would like to talk about is this track right here

can u feel that dark effect from the music?that annoying, scary,the feeling of discontent, the anarchy!(melebih)..

well, if u ain't feeling nothing listening to it, then try watching the movie itself, then you'll understand why...the joker...

but what made me more impressed was how this music was brought up, how the man(hans zimmer) try to find the right music to suit the joker's character(i think u should watch the movie,seriously,its great), using just a single note in every instruments(holds breath)....was just pure genius! here, check out this vid 

if u still ain't impressed n thinks "apa la,pnya pelik ini budak skak lagu gni", well, who cares?? i just wanna share,hehe :p

Monday, October 17, 2011

kelas ku syurga ku...

This Is PPISMPBI1610 a.k.a TESL CREW

i like this pic...

so as this one...

why?coz my friends are important to me <3 <3 saranghaeee (eeeuuuwwww :p )

let me introduce to u all these important people who i'll be facing for each n everyday of my life(exaggerate :p )

Standing row: Apis, Tim, Jali, Elin, Alice, Jack, Atie n Gary, Aisyah, Jeehan, Teaq, Adell, yours truly
Half standing row: Nadia, Eddie, Ira, Ninie, Mira
Duduk row: Doo, Arel, Niera, Dzele, Ijam

there r 23 of us in total(should've been 24 but Rafiq quits,haha :p )
10 handsome guys n 13 beautiful ladies...

urrmmm...since i got nothing to do this morning, no class, no laundry to do, guess i got the time to tell u about each n everyone of them,mwahahahahhaa (jan mrah aaaa kwn2,hhe :p )

first, Apis..good guy,friendly (ya ka?bole la jgak frenly coz he was one of the guys that i knew in the early days of me entering IPGKTAR, ceh, haha)...he's the tech guy of the class...if u need help related to any 21st century contraption, he's the guy u would wanna call,hhe...

next is Timothy...he's the guy who, i think is a good listner (konon rsany btul jgk la..) n very loud! loud as in VERY LOUD! but always become the victim of kena olok,hehehe :p..also known as the sound effect guy,bwahaha :p 

then came Jali...i pay lot of respect for this guy...he's the one who cooks, etc2....thats some of the reason why, theres a lot actually, but i'll just state a few (nti kmbang brabis plak,haha :p)...should be next sem group leader,,seriously, he should be...

Elin...she's the silent type but did her job...i don't know much abt her..but through my observations and various sources(ceh), she's the kind of girl who really takes good care of her health...unlike me, i'll eat watever i want, sleep whenever theres time n exercise when i feel like it,hehe...complete opposite :p

Alice....urrggghhhh....aaaaa....what???...(eyes flickering vigorously followed by a blank stare) idea,hahaha :p...again, even after 3 semester being together, i still can't understand alice..perhaps arel understand her offence, but the fact that she rarely involves in any activities in classes n hard to even...dh la,pnjg sgt, org lain 3 line jk, ni line k 4 sda ni,dah2 :p....

Jack...hahaha...the guy from kanowit...anak cigu,really got a strong stand in what he believes, a good debater (we should've won..kan jack???hehe :p ), n a good friend me, u can count on him...(bole ka jack?haha :p )

Atie...good girl, scandal gary, athletic, loves to drink coffee, scandal gary, muntah pas makan, good at netball, scandal gary, dusun descendant(tapi galap,hehe :p ), scandal gary, a good friend also, a joker(sometimes), scandal gary. :p

Gary...good leader(have to admit, u are...mohon jangan bangga :p ), scandal atie, loves to play dota, sometimes 'blank2', scandal atie, over dramatic, very dedicated in what he do especially in assignments but mostly in everything he do(huh?), scandal atie, scandal atie, scandal atie....:p

Aisyah...silent type n rarely talks to boys, but she's okay with me...kan syah???hehe...very kind, always stands for women's right(wassehhh), already had a boyfriend(alaaaaaa), open, neutral, baek, occasionally came late to class,hhe...:p

Jeehan...class monitor, good friend, good at maths(ya ka??), the only left handed person in the class(thats why he's very vulnerable to accidents,hehe), listen to others, kind heart inside(bangga dia ni knpom,hhe :p ), down to earth n...dh la, ckup2...:p

Teaq...keras palak!hhe, but listen to other's opinion in some cases, really cares abt her friends, keras palak!, already had a boyfriend(cettt,mlepas lagi..), ptong kuku msa kelas pengantar pendidikan, good friend, ain't afraid to tegur others(maybe la sbb dy brni tgur ak,hhe..thanks 4 tht btw), keras palak tp baek, dah2, 4 line sda ni, x ble lbih2, hhe :p....

Adell...short term memory loss,ahaha...but she's nice,can cook, reads this blog occasionally, kind kot, loves to read books n blogs, kwn baik hanis zalikha (wekkk :p), always gives shares her food (even though the tricks that i used is getting old,hhe :p), good at english, i mean really, the only one who can beat me(trep ebat,ahaha :p )...

Nadia...loves to drink cola(even though she knows the hazardous of a cola is, she still kept on drinking it,hhe..:p), keras palak!, kind, too soft, got a 'sik pa la' kind of attitude,hhe, loves to drink cola(even though she knows that cola contains substance used in toilet cleaner, eeeuuwwww,hhe :p) lastly, kind...dah..

Eddie...penolong jeehan, penolong ktua klas, naib ketua kelas, org KK, she knows one of my senior who beats me up back at school(darn that hazif guy, nsib pndai, bljar tinggi2 sda dy skg, x pa la, smoga dy bjaya dlm hdup)...

Ira...budak sri putri tuuuu (top school la katakn, skola ku dlu(SMSLD) blik2 rank at the bottom among SBPs school), kind, emotional as in very emotional, loves her friends, knows a lot in religious issues(i think), same like adell, always shares her food with me,hhe...

Ninie...good friend, kwn se'The Spring' n MBO, loves to eat, kwn baek teaq, koreanatic, loves suju, have a good memory, very kind hearted, her family is veryyyyy kind(her family even let us borrow their house to shoot some scene for our assignments), kazen Siti Nurhaliza,hehehehehehe :p a DSLR camera(uuuuuuuu...), kind, the Sebastian Vettel of our class(note that Schumacer is no longer the F1 raining champion, use vettel, he's today's schumacer) coz she drives really fast(according to sources that is, i myself never experienced her driving before but i am looking 4wad to,hhe..)

Doohan...good guy, good friend, baru jak smalam crita2 sal skola ma dy ni(turn out that our schools r more or less the same,hhe...well, maybe coz its the hostel life...*sigh*...i sure am missing the glory days at school...), ruggers(rugby is a tough game, played by gentlemen), good leader, got lot of experience in him...

Arel...SASUKE AAAA(read with japanese accent and tone)!!!keras palak, his favorite quotes? "sik mok", sensitive(Mr. Iskandar, 2011), doesn't give a damn about anything, loves to read manga, saving the world with gundam,hehehehehe :p...

Niera...hahahhaha...suddenly the face of this cat i saw during the cat show last saturday came to my head,hahaha...they really look alike,hahaha...but niera is kind, i heard that she's somthng u dont wanna mess with when she's angry, got lot of moves in her when presenting in class,hhe..

Dzele...kind, a very good friend n i can guarantee u that, i get to know her the same way like jali, became friends during the orientation week(the three of us were in the same group, thats why), koreanatic, budak mozac(power tuuuu), dah ada boyfriend who happens to know my friend, fiona, while he's at uitm(tetiba jk fiona msuk,haha), good at playing flute... rumate, got a new girlfriend(peewweeeiittt,kakak2,haha :p ), artist as in a singer, a good singer n actor, a good actor also..i always use his cotton bud without him knowing, u noe jam, things to be done as soon as possible.... 

yours truly a.k.a Akim a.k.a owner of the blog....perlu ka??don't need la,hehehe

well, i think thats it...semester 3 is coming to an end and the examination is just around the hairpin(cam F1 la plak,hhe), i sure do hope the unity bond of this class bcme stronger, we'll b tghter for 5 years guys,hoho..

lastly, this post is written with lots of honesty n never came to my mind with any intention to 'menganok' or being sarcastic to u..if its hurting ur feeling n u r crying rght now or at this vry time ur abt to ngumpat saying tht alaaaa, akim, cam bgus btul sna mo bgi kmen sal kmekorg, 

well, thousand of apologies from me :) i nver intended to do only hope is our friendship will become stronger(eeuuuwwwww) coz we'll b together for 5 years(again, eeuuuwwwww)...dah2, jam 1:21 sda ni, mo mandi,hehehehe :p




Sunday, October 2, 2011

wikileaks rule!

yes people, i've finished reading wikileaks:inside jullian assange war on secrecy book,, about the book, i found it interesting coz:

-u got 2 noe how the wikileaks started
-a little biography on jullian assange
-how wicked the drama that happened-the sex allegations,publishing rigths,the cables etc. mind blowing! 
-the world is not as pretty as it seems

but there's smething that mde me think 4 a while...could this leak be another 'play' by the 'puppeteer' ?? y m i sying this?? well, the info n cables r US embassies( i think,from wht i read) from different part of the, could it possibly be that the things that they reported is set by them, to get the world see as they want it to be, mmmmmmmmmmm....watever, it is still a good book though, n i dfintly rcomend u people out there 2 read it..out of 5? 4,haha

and currently im reading one of dan brown masterpiece! yes, he's the author of the ever famous da vinci code n the lost far(until page 113,hhe) this book is utterly unputdownable(ada ka word ni dlm kmus??hhe) ! 

Digital Fortress

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Barclays Premier League

this season is undoubtedly one of the tightest season in premier league got Man United(my team,hehe) retaining their tittle, Man City with their financial power proving other tittle contenders that money matters, Chelsea breathing close, Liverpool kept improving so as Spurs, last but not least Arsenal, never write them off...

my prediction for this season??
its hard to tell, of course i would say Man United to win the tittle coz they r my team, but to be fair, i must say Man City pose a real threat..yup, the noisy neighbor...watching their midfield creating chances with ease and that chemistry that began to gel in among their players really made me think that they are serious tittle contenders...

i just got the feeling that this season manchester derby will be the tittle decider...just like the el classico to La Liga...

but it is too early to judge that, but this early part of the season sometimes tells you glimpse of what you'll expect in May 2012...

(post kli ni agk skema dan bosan...teda idea,huhu =.=' )

real contenders-the galacticos of the BPL

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Gambar hiasan

yes ladies and gentlemen, we've achieved victory!muahahhaha :D 

thank u fellow classmates :D

Friday, September 23, 2011

never felt this disappointed before


i may have tasted the bitter taste of 5-0 thrashing defeat in a futsal match, 25-2 in volleyball, screwed up in a speech and sometimes in video games.

but today, the taste of defeat is different....

its  far more bitter.

i don't know why, i've tasted defeat, but this felt a lot worse compare to those other defeat....

staring at the ceiling....the bitter taste of defeat....its unbearable....shit....(now dont be panic people, im not gonna killing myself ok, yes im dissapointed but tht doesn't mean im stupid enough to commit one,hehe...)

next'll see...

Monday, September 19, 2011


WWWWAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! was, maybe one of the most baddest day of days of my life!!(grammar sgt hmbur)....why???i've involve in a CAR ACCIDENT!!WAAAAAAAAA!!!! last night was probably one of the most memorable night of my life as Man United won 3-1 against chilsi in a thriller,wait,not thriller...mmmm...i can't find a word to describe it but it has something to do with a lot of missed chances from high paid players in the BPL..bwahahaha..last night game was full of laughter laaa..rooney missed a penalty, torres missed horribly! so as berbatov! these 3 players are all paid with at least 150k pounds a week, yet they've failed to score(maybe rooney is an exception coz he scored a goal and the way he missed is not as bad as torres's,ahhahaa :p)...well,maybe thats why their wages is high: to give pure entertainment to the fans,hahaha..(bad joke =.=')...that was last bumped into a van!!waaargrgghhh!!why???why??its been 2 weeks since i drive my cousin's ever fast kancil and there was nothing wrong..i drove at semerah padi,with all the turns and hairpins(mlampau la plak) and i didn't catch with any accidents..but then,in this very daily driving basis,i got an accident!!...aaaarrrggghhh!! thankfully it wasn't that bad,but still,the feeling of involving in a car accidents really sucks time..

gambar wasn't this bad,but it does associate with accidents right??haha :p 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

today is malaysia day..

today, 16th of september 2011, we malaysia people celebrate malaysia day as a remembrance of the day where sabah, sarawak and peninsular malaysia became was at the year of 1963 when this happened...HOOREYYYY!!(y am i hooreying for???)

BUT! i dunno if ur notice this ur not, but, y is it some bastards, i mean people who i think is well aware and educated kind of people mentioning this, "Malaysia, juga Sabah dan Sarawak"...n i remmber there was one tme when ths artist which i wouldn't wanna mntion saying this, "terima kasih pengundi saya dari Malaysia, Sabah dan Sarawak bla bla,"....Oiii!! Sabah n Sarawak x tmasuk dlm malaysia ka???semalam msa our PM bgi speech, not him la,the guy that speaks bfore he gave the speech, i dunno if he was the master of ceremony or whtever, but he also use that 'term'....

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


this is what happen when ur always do ur assignments at the very last possible hours(is my english getting worse??haven't u notice??could it possibly be bcoz i rarely update this thing which to me is a practical way of practising , see???i can't even spell practice right...whats the point of me studying english everyday but my language still sucks???could it possibly be bcoz of the education system that the government set doesn't suits me??or is it that i am now way to exposed with brilliant language that i rate my english as low as the pit of doom???see!!i am repeating some words in this post, the exact same words!is my vocabulary(if u notice that is) (what am i babbling about??)...anyways, that was just a warm up,hehe...this week, n without doubt next week, is/will be the busiest week ever!........oh ya, i am half way through reading that book i was talking about before, u noe, the wikileaks thingy, n so far i can say tht the book is also interesting, well, up to the page that i read that is(is my choice of book really that good??(angkat bakul kejap,hehe :p )...n at this very moment, i m on my way fnshing sme coursewrk which supposed to b submitted tmorow(n i still hve the time to update this blog, of all the time i had, y m i posting this post at the very crtcal time where i....okay, enuff said, i'm gnna cntinue fnshng my assignment....

p/s: I RULE!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Godfather

as promised, a review about the book that i just finished read: The Godfather by Mario Puzo...

so, like any other review, give a little bit of synopsis abt the book...the story was about a very powerful italian mafia organisation or family as they prefer it to be called, at new york. the corleone family. which lead by the ever respected man don vito corleone and one can ever step him. he got all the lawyers n politicians inside his pocket. but things start to get nasty when the tattlgia family (tattalgia ka ap,yg pntg ad tt la nma fmly tu) tries to kill the don coz he didn't agree with the drug business. thus, creating a BIG war between the families. thats where the fun begins.

positive side:
-wonderful portrayal of the mafia world
-when u read, u cn actaully pcture how powerful the don n the fmly is..seriously...
-nothing more 2 say, its just perfect

-i cn't see any ngtve side of the book,haha..mybe the part where puzo's like to sometimes tells about the past of some incident which to me to be anti-climatic coz like for xample when i was reading abt Sonny's cnflict thn all of the sdden puzo rewinds us bck 2  sme of the hstory of the fmly...but then, he done it beautifully..guess that cancelled out my previous coment abt it. in cnclusion? no ngative cment,haha


p/s:currntly im reading Wikileaks:Inside Julian Assange 's War on Secrecy...also an interesting far...

Friday, August 19, 2011


its been a 'while' since the last time i updated this blog,haha...anyways, a lot had happened between that period but i ain't gonna talk about all that, this is jst an update,hehe..but for my next post i'll be talking or should i say give a review abt the book that i just finished reading: The Godfather. thats it for this post...can't wait 4 this cming holidays >.< just 1 week to go!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

nothing to say again:requiem

VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. 

quoted from Vendetta....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

its fasting month!!! :D

fasting starts tomorrow!!! >.<

this is the time for us to seek His forgiveness n blessings :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


a lot had happen in these last two days(including today). first, last night, malysia's hope of going to the third world cup qualifying round shattered to pieces as they were held to a 1-1 draw by singapore...really saddening...i thought this was the team that could take it all the way and rewrite the history book, guess not, they still got a lot to do if they want to. am i disappointed? yes. but i still believe they can make it next time, they'll surely learn something out of this defeat bcoz if they really have that desire to take the national team to a whole new level, they must improve from the mistakes that they've did. i do have faith in them. they are not that far n they do have that bit of quality...don't worry malaysia...u did good n we r proud that u've come this far :)

still got a lot to improve...

then, today, i got my first 'surat tunjuk sebab',hahaha..why??coz i didn't attend this freakin seminar. why i didn't attend it??it's for the lecturers for cryin out loud! the topics that they talked about was all related to the improvement in RnD of  teaching something2 n about paperwork for the phd, i don't know, but whatever it was, it wasn't meant for a student like me n my why bother come????the ones that come,well,they were just filling the seats,they ain't really paid that much attention anyway...again,why bother???huh!x pasal2 dpt surat tnjuk sbb...damn...

last but no least,the sad part,my grandma just passed away today at 6:54p.m(the time i received my dads message)...may her soul rest in fatihah...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


no, its not that we're in a world cup final,hehe...okay, tonight, today is 28th of July, malaysia football team can make history if they beat

singapore football team...or association..or whatever,hehe...with the first leg malysia were defeated 5-3, this time they have to win at least with a 2 goal advantage...if not, our great n exciting journey ends...

seriously, i've never been more excited about malaysia football team since ever! all started when they won the sea games back in 2009...i did bought the 2009 malaysian kit before the sea games, so if ur saying that im a fan coz they won the aff suzuki cup, ur wrong! i've supported them way back when people still thinks negatively about them,hahahha...but anyways, it has been an exciting ride of footballing journey with this team,seriously. they r a bunch of young players that kept improving game by game. remember during the aff cup? everybody was mocking our team, saying bad words, hate them!coz they were thrashed in the first game by the hosting nation n our bitter rival(i think), indonesia....haha but in the end, everybody loves them coz they've reached the final and finally lift the ever great aff cup(great ka??haha)...and now, we(if i use 'we' replacing the 'malaysian football team',it'll make us have that sense of proud as if we are a part of this...n we are..hehe) can go even further in the 2014 World Cup qualifying rounds if we beat the singa....i'll be singing the malaysia anthem if we won tonight...naaahhh, just kidding, but i'll surely post something about it,hehe...apa-apa pun, GO MALAYSIA!!!!

(is it me or my english sucks day by day???or in this case,post by post??)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

why does it have to be like this...T.T,i'm sure some of you experienced this right?? sucks...why must it be blocked??i mean, common laaa...whats the point?if ur saying that it is one of the way to prevent students to be distracted during pnp, absolutely ridiculous..hey,even now you got students playing games while lecturer giving lectures...unacceptable!...another reason why i questioned 'why?' is that, some of the things that they block is related to our studies like this one incident where my friend google about 'cerita kanak2',found the right one,click,then that picture up there show up....common laaa wehhh...if ur saying that we students might open all sort of nonsense on the net, then why would you put ur trust in selecting us to be here??end of discussion, mo makan,haha...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

is it our nature???

i don't know bout you guys, but, from what i can see, most of us colleague students(who lives in hostel) prefer to 'stare' at their laptop whenever they got nothing to what i'm doing right now..yup..whether it is surfing the net,playing games,watching movies,listening to songs,updating their blog,u name it,we all have done it,, the question is, is it our nature??? preposterous...we weren't born to be naturally addicted o got no any idea to do besides 'staring' our laptop from morning till noon, no...the answer to this question, well, i couldn't figure it out myself..sometimes i tell myself, 'enuff already laaa..1 whole day staring at the laptop,do other things laa..'..but then, as i step outside the door....boredom strikes back...which led me to go back n continue my 'date' with my Sony VAIO VPCCW21FX...*sigh*.....dunno what else to say...bbye!

this is what i look like when i'm havin a date with my laptop..only dat i ain't look that nerdy n my vaio is a lot more cooler than his laptop,hahahaha :p

Sunday, July 3, 2011

im reading a novel n i am sooooo into this one!hehe

okay, for a guy like me, its gotta be awkward to really suddenly like reading a novel(i did try to read some novel before but it didn't turn out well,hehe), but this book, really got me of not letting it go off my hand!! seriously,hehe..its a novel written by Mario Puzo, The Godfather...yup,thats the novel that caught the attention of a boy who rarely get overly excited because of a thick book with no pictures,haha...the truth is,i've watched the movie,the godfather,but when i read the book,i dont know,a sort of excitement runs in my blood(ceh),seriously, maybe its because the every bit of detail it explains or maybe its the beautiful quotes and languages that was used, i dont know, but it definitely made me want to read it more,hehe...i hope i can finish this book, n when it does, i'll write a review about it, the first book that got me excited about,haha...

p/s:i bought it for RM39.90 at the spring,hehe...:p

The Godfather written by Mario Puzo

movie review!!!

i always got this problem where, i do want to update my blog but i just didn't know what to write, so, i came up with this idea of writing a sort of review about the movie that i just watched, here we go!

the latest movie that i watched was transformer 3:dark of the moon(i watched it when it was first premiered,29 june 2011 (a sense of proud can be feel in the air,hehehehe :p )...anyways, i watched the movie in 3D,soo, what can i say about the movie is:

-the story line was, mmmm...i think it was started with a slow pace where the movie tells about why actually nasa sent armstrong and his other friends to the moon, bla bla bla....then the realised what was decepticon up to, sentinel betrayed the autobots n after that it was all pure action!

-the cgi was great but quite disappointed with the 3D effects though, i dont know, whether it was because my seat, but, doesn't gave that much of effect...

-the actors, sorry rossie huntington whitely, yes ur hot but ur acting still sucks...others did great...i think...

-out of 5? 4. haha...


for me, the movie was mind blowing, it takes cgi movies to a whole new level, great, mind blowing, splendid, i think thats enough,hehe...if u ask me to see the movie o not? without hesitation, GO!haha...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

today is the 28th of June 2011...

 what so special about today??well, its been a year since i've entered this institute...a lot had happened in that one year many, hard to recall(malas sbnrnya mo ingt blik,hehe)...anyways, it been a while since i've updated this blog...lets see, nothing much interesting happened really, its just that our juniors had come to this institute, making me, so as my friends, not 'the junior' anymore..get it?coz when u r junior, this even happened when i was in form 1, u'll be like the centre of attention...everyone will be watching u,judge ur evry move n words that u speak,huh!really, i dont like it,haha...but now that we have a new intake who is our junior(duhh),taking our place as the 'observer object' as i would like to call it,haha...enuff with this silly junior issue! haha...the reason i want to post this post(?) is to remember the day i came to IPTAR...this was the day that i challenge myself(ceh),i think, where i become a total outsider,with no familiar faces to be seen , hearing n speak words that i do not speak of before, new culture, new environment(sounds grand isn't it??haaa :p ), yes,this was the day...aaaaahhhh, sounds boring isn't it??want to hear something exciting?? tomorrow is the premier of Transformer 3!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!! can't wait!!! >.< ....think thats it for today...adios! :D
Transformer 3!!!!(there were a lot more better image than this, but since this was the only picture wasn't blocked by WLAN Student, i had no other choice,hehehe :p

Sunday, June 19, 2011

holiday comes to an end :(

after 3 weeks of holiday, the day that everybody 'been waiting for' finally comes...*sigh*..yup,gudbye holiday...T.T...well, 1 thing is certain, im not ready to go for a lecture yet,hahaha..that 'home aura' is still in the atmosphere,haha..but, this sem,i think i have to be a little more serious...i think..coz i'll be having my exam this sem after a year of no worries and no exam, idea...bbye..

Friday, June 10, 2011

whats up with that????

okay, so, just now i have a dinner with my family+my cousins n aunts at a restaurant. so, u know, the typical activities done when families met, chit chating, laughing n all...this dinner was actually to celebrate my dads promotion from (i dunno) to q52 (i think,hehe), so congrats dad!

but what i really wanna talk about is the news that i saw on the telly during that dinner. it happens at pakistan, the news was about a man, unarmed, i dunno why all of the sudden the authority got something against him(i wasn't listening to what the reporter said about it coz i was to focus watching the clip,hehe..) then all of the sudden, they shot the man! they shot the man! live! on air! real one! no fakie! was horrifying! a real live scenario where a man shot, aired on i think one of the most watched news programme in this country! seriously, i was freaking mad, not because the man got shot (coz i dont know the whole picture of the story so i can't judge anybody in that situation), but because of the news showing that clip. u crazy, u got people from all ages watching it! even i was shocked and terrified after watching that clip, now how about little kids??they shouldn't show that clip, seriously, it was way too explicit...they should've just show some pictures instead...

anyways, what i really2 wanna say is that, the media really have to recheck or reconsider or improve laa sng cakap, the things that they want to broadcast on air. what happened few hours ago was please, mass media, 'think' before u broadcast something..coz, media plays a big role in shaping peoples mind..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

tomorrow is friday!

first, this post got nothing to do with tomorrow...but it definitely got something to do with the day friday!hehe...wait,tomorrow is friday so of course it got something to do with,aaaahhh, what the heck,hhe..straight to the point!ok...several weeks ago, i listened to n they played a parody song. the song goes something like "monday monday! got a big frown on monday!", the rest i wasnt able to catch up, im wondering, whos song got parody was that?? then i browse on the net.....the result was shocking....
turn out the song was originally sung by rebecca black, a 12 o 13 year old if i'm not mistaken...the song entitled, was the song good? my answer is, HORRIBLE!!! seriously, listen:

okay, maybe i'm being to harsh, but, seriously man, the song was, god...doesn't this kid got anything else to do??? okay, here is some fact, by the time i post this, this song got a staggering 160,957,282 views, likes and 3,123,064 dislikes! see...i told u the song was horrible...i think this is the most 'disliked' video i've ever seen...seriously..u got 3 million dislike,haha...not to mention the comments that the video receive...yes the song is horrible, but i think people are being way way over about their comments. some comments ask her to kill herself? c'mon, dont be that cruel laaa...she still a kid...dont be too harsh on her...pity her...but i still wonder, why they haven't remove the video??she knows that the video is like, hated by people, she got bad words from other people because of it, so, why keep it?? aaahhh...didn't matter...the song is still horrible,haha...thats all for this fun fun fun fun fun fun fun, aaaaaahhh...the song stuck in my head!!!! o ya, here's a funny parody of the song,haha...adieu!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

half way

ayoooo..the holiday is almost overrrr....n i think i didnt do much during this holiday,aiyoo..i do have plans, but it didnt happen,huhu...=.='

Sunday, May 29, 2011

28th of May 2011...a day not to be forget by United fans

it was said to be the final of the daceade....where teams of equal strength met and battle it out to prove who's the best...but...what turn out to be was, a one sided united were thrash 3-1 by barca n that didn't tell the whole far as i remember,united only got 5 chances, no corner kicks n they only got 30% smthing of ball possession..i dont wanna say more,just watch this clip...

but, even though United were defeated, i still believe that they can bounce back next season...Glory Glory Man United!

Friday, May 27, 2011

goodbye semester 2.. :')

while i'm writing this blog, well, it is the first day of holiday, i think, coz today i just got back home, so, i guess it is the first day of my holiday! haha...well, in this entry, i'll show, no, tell you about some of the highlights as i like to call it, during this semester 2....

let me the start of the semester, nothing that fun really, its just that Mr Mohan is replacing Mdm Mitty as our social studies lecturer, we got society activity, sports and games, which is a new subject, bla bla bla and i think thats about it,hehe :p.....

now, the highlights of this sem, we all teslian know, this semester we got mock exam! yeeeeaaaaaaa!!! the last time i sit for an exam was during my interview to get into this institute, i guess u all can fgure out what happen,hehe...yup, my result was, i wouldnt say it was terrible nor excellent,hehe...i failed my language description,hahahaha..and here are some other faces that also failed,ngahahaha :p

you guys are true friend.....hahahhaha....

apart from the mock exam, we also got our macbeth which holds thousands of memories, emotions, feelings, yadda yadda yadda....but, all i can is that macbeth has thought me a lot...seriously...i dont wanna talk much about it coz of u ask any one of the people in this picture below, i promise u they'll tell A LOT about it...haha..anyway, this was taken a day after Mr Chriss birthday...p/s: i like this picture a lot coz its hard to get a photo of the whole class together, seriously, hehe...

u guys are the best...long live tesl crew!!!hehe

ayoooo...suddenly i felt tired la writing this and make it simple, i'll show u some pics that meant a lot to me during my 2nd semester as a tesl student,hehe...

we hangout a lot n do lot of crazy things,hehe...


buy unnecessary things for the sake of fun n friends... :D 

a visit ti IPBL to watch their dramatization of Much Ado About was wonderful..full praise :D

school visitation!!

sk dato traoh

look at their innocent face...haha... fried chicken!! haha

English Language Camp...

adoyai....suddenly i realise that theres a lot of thing happened this semester and i dont think this post will fit! (an excuse due to laziness :p hehe )

anyways, i really felt that this semester have been one hell of a fun learning experience...last but not least, i would like to thank all of my classmate(skema la pulak..) for making my everyday life at IPTAR a joy ride..thanks again...:D