Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Future Me

Dear future me,
    in case u didn't remember, while writing this post u got tons of assignments, yet, u were able to sit back n relax like a boss while ur friends working their ass off trying to finish it...heck,im sure u'd finished it,otherwise how else would u be reading this in ur comfy ol sofa with that expensively-delicious looking chocolate ur eating..

Dear future me,
     if ur reading this, i am quiet sure that u've achieved all the things that i've listed..that 15 years time that i gave u since 2012 is more than enuff..what were the things that i want u to do?well,here's the list

1)get ur teaching degree of course!
2)get posted in rural areas so that u noe how hard life can be
3)a nice set of wheels at ur porch
4)got a house(must be double storey)
5)become an awesome teacher!
6)have a second wife(optional :p
7)got a nice collection of sneakers
8)ur parents damn proud of what u've become that time(most important)
9)pursue ur studies to overseas(oversea's optional,as long as u have/about to have a master degree)

and most importantly:
10)you are happy with who you are right now :)

so, 35 year old me, hope u've done everything on the pressure,really..but seriously dude,make sure u've done all of them..if u did,then the optimist 19 year old Abdullah Hakim would've been so proud of you :)

p/s:aku dpt idea ne pas tgk How I Met Your Mother, pressure buddy :)