Sunday, July 31, 2011

its fasting month!!! :D

fasting starts tomorrow!!! >.<

this is the time for us to seek His forgiveness n blessings :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


a lot had happen in these last two days(including today). first, last night, malysia's hope of going to the third world cup qualifying round shattered to pieces as they were held to a 1-1 draw by singapore...really saddening...i thought this was the team that could take it all the way and rewrite the history book, guess not, they still got a lot to do if they want to. am i disappointed? yes. but i still believe they can make it next time, they'll surely learn something out of this defeat bcoz if they really have that desire to take the national team to a whole new level, they must improve from the mistakes that they've did. i do have faith in them. they are not that far n they do have that bit of quality...don't worry malaysia...u did good n we r proud that u've come this far :)

still got a lot to improve...

then, today, i got my first 'surat tunjuk sebab',hahaha..why??coz i didn't attend this freakin seminar. why i didn't attend it??it's for the lecturers for cryin out loud! the topics that they talked about was all related to the improvement in RnD of  teaching something2 n about paperwork for the phd, i don't know, but whatever it was, it wasn't meant for a student like me n my why bother come????the ones that come,well,they were just filling the seats,they ain't really paid that much attention anyway...again,why bother???huh!x pasal2 dpt surat tnjuk sbb...damn...

last but no least,the sad part,my grandma just passed away today at 6:54p.m(the time i received my dads message)...may her soul rest in fatihah...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


no, its not that we're in a world cup final,hehe...okay, tonight, today is 28th of July, malaysia football team can make history if they beat

singapore football team...or association..or whatever,hehe...with the first leg malysia were defeated 5-3, this time they have to win at least with a 2 goal advantage...if not, our great n exciting journey ends...

seriously, i've never been more excited about malaysia football team since ever! all started when they won the sea games back in 2009...i did bought the 2009 malaysian kit before the sea games, so if ur saying that im a fan coz they won the aff suzuki cup, ur wrong! i've supported them way back when people still thinks negatively about them,hahahha...but anyways, it has been an exciting ride of footballing journey with this team,seriously. they r a bunch of young players that kept improving game by game. remember during the aff cup? everybody was mocking our team, saying bad words, hate them!coz they were thrashed in the first game by the hosting nation n our bitter rival(i think), indonesia....haha but in the end, everybody loves them coz they've reached the final and finally lift the ever great aff cup(great ka??haha)...and now, we(if i use 'we' replacing the 'malaysian football team',it'll make us have that sense of proud as if we are a part of this...n we are..hehe) can go even further in the 2014 World Cup qualifying rounds if we beat the singa....i'll be singing the malaysia anthem if we won tonight...naaahhh, just kidding, but i'll surely post something about it,hehe...apa-apa pun, GO MALAYSIA!!!!

(is it me or my english sucks day by day???or in this case,post by post??)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

why does it have to be like this...T.T,i'm sure some of you experienced this right?? sucks...why must it be blocked??i mean, common laaa...whats the point?if ur saying that it is one of the way to prevent students to be distracted during pnp, absolutely ridiculous..hey,even now you got students playing games while lecturer giving lectures...unacceptable!...another reason why i questioned 'why?' is that, some of the things that they block is related to our studies like this one incident where my friend google about 'cerita kanak2',found the right one,click,then that picture up there show up....common laaa wehhh...if ur saying that we students might open all sort of nonsense on the net, then why would you put ur trust in selecting us to be here??end of discussion, mo makan,haha...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

is it our nature???

i don't know bout you guys, but, from what i can see, most of us colleague students(who lives in hostel) prefer to 'stare' at their laptop whenever they got nothing to what i'm doing right now..yup..whether it is surfing the net,playing games,watching movies,listening to songs,updating their blog,u name it,we all have done it,, the question is, is it our nature??? preposterous...we weren't born to be naturally addicted o got no any idea to do besides 'staring' our laptop from morning till noon, no...the answer to this question, well, i couldn't figure it out myself..sometimes i tell myself, 'enuff already laaa..1 whole day staring at the laptop,do other things laa..'..but then, as i step outside the door....boredom strikes back...which led me to go back n continue my 'date' with my Sony VAIO VPCCW21FX...*sigh*.....dunno what else to say...bbye!

this is what i look like when i'm havin a date with my laptop..only dat i ain't look that nerdy n my vaio is a lot more cooler than his laptop,hahahaha :p

Sunday, July 3, 2011

im reading a novel n i am sooooo into this one!hehe

okay, for a guy like me, its gotta be awkward to really suddenly like reading a novel(i did try to read some novel before but it didn't turn out well,hehe), but this book, really got me of not letting it go off my hand!! seriously,hehe..its a novel written by Mario Puzo, The Godfather...yup,thats the novel that caught the attention of a boy who rarely get overly excited because of a thick book with no pictures,haha...the truth is,i've watched the movie,the godfather,but when i read the book,i dont know,a sort of excitement runs in my blood(ceh),seriously, maybe its because the every bit of detail it explains or maybe its the beautiful quotes and languages that was used, i dont know, but it definitely made me want to read it more,hehe...i hope i can finish this book, n when it does, i'll write a review about it, the first book that got me excited about,haha...

p/s:i bought it for RM39.90 at the spring,hehe...:p

The Godfather written by Mario Puzo

movie review!!!

i always got this problem where, i do want to update my blog but i just didn't know what to write, so, i came up with this idea of writing a sort of review about the movie that i just watched, here we go!

the latest movie that i watched was transformer 3:dark of the moon(i watched it when it was first premiered,29 june 2011 (a sense of proud can be feel in the air,hehehehe :p )...anyways, i watched the movie in 3D,soo, what can i say about the movie is:

-the story line was, mmmm...i think it was started with a slow pace where the movie tells about why actually nasa sent armstrong and his other friends to the moon, bla bla bla....then the realised what was decepticon up to, sentinel betrayed the autobots n after that it was all pure action!

-the cgi was great but quite disappointed with the 3D effects though, i dont know, whether it was because my seat, but, doesn't gave that much of effect...

-the actors, sorry rossie huntington whitely, yes ur hot but ur acting still sucks...others did great...i think...

-out of 5? 4. haha...


for me, the movie was mind blowing, it takes cgi movies to a whole new level, great, mind blowing, splendid, i think thats enough,hehe...if u ask me to see the movie o not? without hesitation, GO!haha...