Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday is about to end part 9230756

*note that this post will not so much to be in ur liking coz it got no pictures, no jokes, talks about the uninteresting thing that i did during the holiday etc. so, don't say i didn't warn u...:p

browsing through my blog,i found out that it is customary for me to write a post when there's only little time left before to the holiday ends,so,this one is another,hehe...

okay,its been quite a while since the last time i updated this blog(a while,pfftt,more like a century) and a lot of things had happened during that period of which the last time i posted something till this very post, thus, i will now highlight some of the important n significant incident or things or watever it is you may call, during the holiday..

le me going to KK!
-yup, wonderful time(though it was only 4 days(serius gantung brabis,nda puas meround,nda puas shoping,huhuhu))..n ofcoz met some old friend(old friend la sangatt :p )

le me suddenly active in twitter!
-huh??is this considered as highlight??u tech blind or something??everybody got a twitter,y u so late??? (that awkward moment when ur mad at urself bcoz u did something tht u didnt like :p...(ni pngruh twitter,smu pkai 'that awkward moment when..bla bla bla....i'm becoming mainstream! :p)

le me discovered 'great' youtube channels!
-(nampak sgt tym cuti depan skrin lptop jk =.= ) bcoz i was surfing youtube way too much than any ordinary guru pelatih(naaahhh,i bet there's other guru pelatih in the same boat as i am,youtube freak,hahaha), i have discovered youtube channels that you people should subscribe...among them are the YTF gang which consist of Ryan HigaChesterseeDtrix and their other members, you wont miss it, they always give links..besides the ytf gang, the most subscribed channel on youtube, Raywilliamjohnson (who followed me on twitter(bangga)), Reckless Tortuga n uhhhh, i think thats the top 3 on my list...(is ur holiday really just about youtube?WRONG!)

le me pass the exam!
-muahahahahhahahahaha...yes people, i've passed! even though the question was hard as hell, yes, i have passed! i can continue my study in becoming the engineer of society(its teacher actually,but that term i think is acceptable,considering we're among the big influence in shaping the childs' mind...(ceh,ngada2))

le me go to round2 sarawak
-yes,it was a five day trip actually,visiting my mom's village at jerijih, families at dalat (uih,dalat semat aiee...untunglaaa zelly tggal sna...knpa semat??maybe ak ska bab simple,pastu stiap kmpng 2 terconnect dgn sungai, yang berbuaya,sbb 2 la nda dpt mndi ari 2,hhu), mukah, sarikei,bintulu,pusa,smuaa laaa!hehehe...bole la best...dpt mkn mknn tradisional org mlanau mcm linut(my cousin said that u cant laugh while eating that food,its a 'pantang'..ntah la..)

theres a lot more really but i think this is enough for this customary post on my blog...n before i end this, the usual shout, HOLIDAY IS ABOUT TO END!!! aaaarrrggghhhhhhh!!