Thursday, September 29, 2011


Gambar hiasan

yes ladies and gentlemen, we've achieved victory!muahahhaha :D 

thank u fellow classmates :D

Friday, September 23, 2011

never felt this disappointed before


i may have tasted the bitter taste of 5-0 thrashing defeat in a futsal match, 25-2 in volleyball, screwed up in a speech and sometimes in video games.

but today, the taste of defeat is different....

its  far more bitter.

i don't know why, i've tasted defeat, but this felt a lot worse compare to those other defeat....

staring at the ceiling....the bitter taste of defeat....its unbearable....shit....(now dont be panic people, im not gonna killing myself ok, yes im dissapointed but tht doesn't mean im stupid enough to commit one,hehe...)

next'll see...

Monday, September 19, 2011


WWWWAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! was, maybe one of the most baddest day of days of my life!!(grammar sgt hmbur)....why???i've involve in a CAR ACCIDENT!!WAAAAAAAAA!!!! last night was probably one of the most memorable night of my life as Man United won 3-1 against chilsi in a thriller,wait,not thriller...mmmm...i can't find a word to describe it but it has something to do with a lot of missed chances from high paid players in the BPL..bwahahaha..last night game was full of laughter laaa..rooney missed a penalty, torres missed horribly! so as berbatov! these 3 players are all paid with at least 150k pounds a week, yet they've failed to score(maybe rooney is an exception coz he scored a goal and the way he missed is not as bad as torres's,ahhahaa :p)...well,maybe thats why their wages is high: to give pure entertainment to the fans,hahaha..(bad joke =.=')...that was last bumped into a van!!waaargrgghhh!!why???why??its been 2 weeks since i drive my cousin's ever fast kancil and there was nothing wrong..i drove at semerah padi,with all the turns and hairpins(mlampau la plak) and i didn't catch with any accidents..but then,in this very daily driving basis,i got an accident!!...aaaarrrggghhh!! thankfully it wasn't that bad,but still,the feeling of involving in a car accidents really sucks time..

gambar wasn't this bad,but it does associate with accidents right??haha :p 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

today is malaysia day..

today, 16th of september 2011, we malaysia people celebrate malaysia day as a remembrance of the day where sabah, sarawak and peninsular malaysia became was at the year of 1963 when this happened...HOOREYYYY!!(y am i hooreying for???)

BUT! i dunno if ur notice this ur not, but, y is it some bastards, i mean people who i think is well aware and educated kind of people mentioning this, "Malaysia, juga Sabah dan Sarawak"...n i remmber there was one tme when ths artist which i wouldn't wanna mntion saying this, "terima kasih pengundi saya dari Malaysia, Sabah dan Sarawak bla bla,"....Oiii!! Sabah n Sarawak x tmasuk dlm malaysia ka???semalam msa our PM bgi speech, not him la,the guy that speaks bfore he gave the speech, i dunno if he was the master of ceremony or whtever, but he also use that 'term'....

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


this is what happen when ur always do ur assignments at the very last possible hours(is my english getting worse??haven't u notice??could it possibly be bcoz i rarely update this thing which to me is a practical way of practising , see???i can't even spell practice right...whats the point of me studying english everyday but my language still sucks???could it possibly be bcoz of the education system that the government set doesn't suits me??or is it that i am now way to exposed with brilliant language that i rate my english as low as the pit of doom???see!!i am repeating some words in this post, the exact same words!is my vocabulary(if u notice that is) (what am i babbling about??)...anyways, that was just a warm up,hehe...this week, n without doubt next week, is/will be the busiest week ever!........oh ya, i am half way through reading that book i was talking about before, u noe, the wikileaks thingy, n so far i can say tht the book is also interesting, well, up to the page that i read that is(is my choice of book really that good??(angkat bakul kejap,hehe :p )...n at this very moment, i m on my way fnshing sme coursewrk which supposed to b submitted tmorow(n i still hve the time to update this blog, of all the time i had, y m i posting this post at the very crtcal time where i....okay, enuff said, i'm gnna cntinue fnshng my assignment....

p/s: I RULE!