Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the final that all malaysian been waiting for..(i think...)

the tense is high, both nation never won this cup tonight, history will be made....can malaysia keep their 3-0 lead and take it all the way??or can indonesia repeat their group match performance against malaysia where they thrash them 5-1 and carve their name in history...we are in the brink of history(ceh)....

but, to be honest, i dont like the situation of this rivalry between these 2 nations..why??surf on to facebook and u'll see a bunch of bad comments among them....(what am i blabbering about???)..anyway, enjoy the final, tonight..haha...GO MALAYSIA!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am updating my blog! haaa.....'s been a while,well,almost 6 months i think,since the last time i wrote this blog...haha, who cares, i'm the only one who's reading it,, why all of the sudden i want to update my blog??simple, TODAY IS A HISTORICAL DAY FOR MALAYSIA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION,hahha....and why is that?? coz they've thrashed indonesia 3-0 in the suzuki cup!!!hahahahahhaha...i have to say, malaysian team are making progress, they played beautifully (not, a little bit only to be honest,hehe), well organised tactically (thats what all the pundits said, so i just wrote back what they'd said,haha)..anyway, all i want to say is congratulation to the malaysian team, they've proved the experts wrong, they can take it all the way,haha....

tribute to the malaysia team :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

its been a while...well....more than a while, haha

hahaha...finally, im updating my not so great blog...the last post was a few days before the spm result was announce, and now, im updating it after im in the teaching institution, haha...there are many things happen between the interval of this post, and the last post..but, i dont know, just dnt hve the mood to do it, haha...well, in ths post, i'll tell a little bit about the teachng instute tht im in be honest, it wasnt the way i expcted it, but its great first of course it wasn't bcoz i dnt hve mny friends, but aftr a while, its okay, haha....well, thats all,

Sunday, March 7, 2010


the tension is mounting.....why? the spm result is about to come out this thursday! can you believe it?? THIS THURSDAY!!!


i don't how my result are gonna be..hopefully its not that bad...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


this guy is phenomenon....why?

lets start from the beginning of the season...ronaldo left for real madrid..yes, everybody said that united is nothing without him, they wont go anywhere near a throphy this season, they'll be struggling with the goals, they'll be lack in creativity of the team attacking flair....


the man on the picture,wayne rooney, prove otherwise...

they said united wont have any throphy this season:

Rooney scores the winner in the Carling Cup final..

they said man utd will have problems in scoring goals:

Rooney himself already bagged 28 goals..and counting...



Monday, February 1, 2010

frustrating so damn tired...know why?last night i played futsal with my friend, and guess who up against us? some group of dads..yeahh..they may called 'dads' but when you play against them, damn they're good....there's this one guy, he is like ronaldinho to me,hahahha..yaah, i mean his tall, black, long hair, and most importantly his way of play. seriously, his dribbling is wicked sick, his feet was so damn fast and i couldn't even get to touch the ball when he is with also played very, very, very ugly last night...i was like a boy who is for the first time played football...they pass the ball to me, i couldn't hold it, i try to pass, it wasn't going where i wanted, everything wasn't going my way...but atleast i got a couple of goals and some assist,hahahahahha..meaning i,m not that bad...this is my first time so, ofcourse i felt a little cocky, but i,ll prove to them, the next time they ask me to play, i'll show them what i'm truely made out guys just wait.....huhu

Sunday, January 31, 2010

how long was it?

hoh no...its been a very long time since the last time i wrote on this blog....oh well, at least i am updating it now right?hehehehe...hmmm..lets see, the spm examination is already finished long time ago(8 of december to be exact) and if the spm examination is finish, it means that my contract as a student is finaly ended...i don't have to wear those green pants, cut my hair short, and bla bla bla all of the things that a student should do...i am not a secondary school student anymore, hhahahahha... although sometimes i felt like i miss the school, seriously...and, i have this feeling of i have not finish my school days as i wanted it to be...i've been thinking lately, about my school days, all of the good fun memories...thinking all of those makes me feel like, i regret for not doing well at school...(what in the world am i babbling about).....but, yaah i felt like i could've done much better at school...i should have finished those homeworks, do well in my exam, but...i only realise this thing when its already pass me by....i regret it, seriously...if only i could turn back time, days are the greates...the level of studies at school is not that hard, but i realise it at the end of my schooldays...for example chemistry...before this i thought it was such a brain wreckning subject,hehehe...but, if i concentrate more,its not that hard..if only i realised all of these earlier,im sure i'll have no problem while answering the exam or regrets my school days.....if anyone out there, who is reading this post and not finished school yet, please, don't be like homeworks at the last minute, revising my studies also at the last minute....never break the school rules....when your in my place now, yo'll miss all of things..yaah ofcourse right now you'll complain about it,but trust me, when you finished your school, you'll miss all these....unless you realy finished your school days in such excelent finished your home work on time, you follow the rules, you be good to others..when you get out of your school like this, im sure you won't regret a thing...unlike me....i never do my best, although i know that i can,that is when the school days are finished..i only realised it by, iam begging you all school students out there, use your schooldays wisely, cause it only came once in your whole life time.......