Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 February 2012

for those of you who were born on this very date,which is today,February 29th, well,pity you,muehehe :p

using my facebook account as a tool for surveying,i found that there was only 1 person who's born on this very date,n that person is someone who i dont know(i dunno how in the hell we became friends,but im definitely, positively, sure that i dont know this 29th February girl,hhe..and of course i didn't wish her happy birthday,ohh so devilish of me,hahaha...nahh,i kidd,i'll wish her HB,evnthough i dunno her)...

that was just the intro

anyways, as always, hello 'loyal reader(s)', i am pretty sure that its been quite a while since we last met(yuck!cm byk jk reader)

(Main Point)
well,a lot had happened recently, and of course in that period of time since i last wrote..yup..but lets not talk about that,the past is the past,lets focus on the future shall we?

next week, us tesl students,well,so as the other teacher trainees who's in the same cohort as mine(perhaps the other ipg as well), will be having our case u didn't know, SBE is an acronym for School Based is where we go to school to observe and probably learn something about this teaching profession. of course some of you might say or argue, 'whats the point of u people going to schools and watch things that you'd watched since u were 7???' aaaaahhh....the answer is simple my friend, that 11 years was the view from the eyes of a,we r looking things through the teachers eyes..i mean,u noe,when u were a student the only thing on ur mind when u were at school was playing,playing,more playing,recess,more n more playing, then u wait for the bell,as future teachers, we dont see it that way...we, as the social engineer(grand skit bnyi kalo ad word engineer,hhe :p ), will try our best to bring the best out of these so called future generations...see??its not the same,haha..

speaking of school,2 words to describe it...good times..good times... :)
honestly,if i had the chance to go back to my primary school days, i would definitely do that...those were one of the best time i ever until today(so far)...

and after that 7 days of observing,we'll be having our mid sem break, AWWWW YEAAHHH!!

gahhh,no more ideas n i think its time for me to go to bed...

happy 29th February ya'll! hehehe :p

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


constrained and trap in this daily routine of mine, nothing to do and hampered by laziness, life is perceived as nothing but a walk to a no destination...

but then, something caught the attention of this persona..

ohh,there she was...

her eyes turns men steady feet into a calamati
graceful as a girl should be, she walks, and walks, and walks
i just stood by
fazed by the beauty that she poses

women are indeed one of god's beautiful creation...

it was that tuesday morning...

u think this is real??
naaaahhh, i lied, its just another boring day,u noe, boredom strikes back! kah3! :p