Monday, February 1, 2010

frustrating so damn tired...know why?last night i played futsal with my friend, and guess who up against us? some group of dads..yeahh..they may called 'dads' but when you play against them, damn they're good....there's this one guy, he is like ronaldinho to me,hahahha..yaah, i mean his tall, black, long hair, and most importantly his way of play. seriously, his dribbling is wicked sick, his feet was so damn fast and i couldn't even get to touch the ball when he is with also played very, very, very ugly last night...i was like a boy who is for the first time played football...they pass the ball to me, i couldn't hold it, i try to pass, it wasn't going where i wanted, everything wasn't going my way...but atleast i got a couple of goals and some assist,hahahahahha..meaning i,m not that bad...this is my first time so, ofcourse i felt a little cocky, but i,ll prove to them, the next time they ask me to play, i'll show them what i'm truely made out guys just wait.....huhu