Tuesday, November 11, 2014

well what do you know

yes, it is that time of the year again where there's less than a week left before i sit for my first paper which obviously meant that this exact time and some hours after that should be put into studying and revising whatever it is that i have studied throughout this semester. yet here i am, blogging, during the most 'convenient' time of times. that's the ol me alright,

now, updates, okay, where should i start......can't exactly remember the last time i posted something(too lazy to even look at my last post) so i 'll just share some of the highlights of semester 6...or 2014..or 2013-2014..whichever...

lets talk movies first

2014, as up till 12 november, has been an interesting, not that disappointing, mouth watering, year. why? well, there has been a great line up of movies came this year and some really mind blowing announcement about the movies to come. this year we've seen the release of a prequel-sequel movie of the x-men franchise (a good one too in fact,cover all the bs installments..yes,that's you x3 and x-men origins), we also have interstellar,a pretty cool movie with some mesmerising visuals, guardians of the galaxy, a fun movie, not so much of a great storyline-plot but being that it sort of like ties all the other previous marvel movies and the many more that still to come, this movie is a must watch(yeah if you're living in this era it's pretty much hard not to be sucked into that marvel cinematic universe,even when you're a fan of dc). what else? ahh yes, dc, they've announce all the other movie line ups that they are going to do up until 2020, in which one (actually two) of the them is the justice league. YES! justice league! yes avengers is cool but justice league is the first league of superheroes combined..plus they got batman and superman, so that pretty much beat the whole of marvel superheroes..ahhh,and in this year too tarantino had announced that he'll continue shooting the hateful eight(i can tell it'll be a good movie,even the title sounds cool).

enough with the geeky stuff, time to move on to something less geeky

this year has also been an eventful year for my class. one of our classmates got married,which is kind of a big deal coz, y'know, marriage. it's marriage. you being fully committed to one person, fulfill his/her every need, raise a kid, fuhhh..lots of responsibilities there. not that i am afraid but,being a guy,this idea of marriage,for me at least the first thing i must have before i get married is to have a job. yes this sounds cliche but it's true! how you gonna raise your family?(again cliche,but so very true) i'm not like from a royal family or something, working class baby, working our ass off to get paid at the end of the month. but the thing about marriage and being in a relationship and have responsibilities to the people around is that it sort of drive you to be a better person, to be the best for your loved ones(again cliche, but so very true). i think i'm at that stage if life where you sort of like have to find someone to settle to..and i think i have found one..yes it's only been like three months but,i just had this feeling of 'yeap,that's her alright, don't lose her'.

enough with the marriage,relationship thing, we now move on to another favourite thing of mine that thankfully came to a reality; the kl trip. it was good fun,even it is not all 23 of us but, i tried my best to get all 23 on board but,circumstances hinder my plans hence 20 (19 really,the other only exist in 10 percent of the trip). i really wanted this trip to be a reality because it is such a good thing to bond us. yes it cost some money but hey,i am positively sure that most of my classmates never set foot on west malaysia before and what a good way of stepping that foot there by going with your classmates? i don't exactly know how all of them feel about this trip but judging by what i see during that trip,everybody had a great time.

i ran out of ideas but i am still gonna publish this anyway.