Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the final that all malaysian been waiting for..(i think...)

the tense is high, both nation never won this cup tonight, history will be made....can malaysia keep their 3-0 lead and take it all the way??or can indonesia repeat their group match performance against malaysia where they thrash them 5-1 and carve their name in history...we are in the brink of history(ceh)....

but, to be honest, i dont like the situation of this rivalry between these 2 nations..why??surf on to facebook and u'll see a bunch of bad comments among them....(what am i blabbering about???)..anyway, enjoy the final, tonight..haha...GO MALAYSIA!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am updating my blog! haaa.....'s been a while,well,almost 6 months i think,since the last time i wrote this blog...haha, who cares, i'm the only one who's reading it,, why all of the sudden i want to update my blog??simple, TODAY IS A HISTORICAL DAY FOR MALAYSIA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION,hahha....and why is that?? coz they've thrashed indonesia 3-0 in the suzuki cup!!!hahahahahhaha...i have to say, malaysian team are making progress, they played beautifully (not, a little bit only to be honest,hehe), well organised tactically (thats what all the pundits said, so i just wrote back what they'd said,haha)..anyway, all i want to say is congratulation to the malaysian team, they've proved the experts wrong, they can take it all the way,haha....

tribute to the malaysia team :)