Friday, October 19, 2012


i don't need any apologies for not updating this blog coz no one reads it anyway (except adell maybe,coz she do visit it. occasionally,hhe)

anyways,boredom got me again and that is probably the reason why i have this sudden urge of writing something on this blog. thanks boredom, you are indeed useful in 'waking' that drive to write.

now, a lot had happened along the time that i'm not updating this blog. i am now at the end of my 1st year as a degree student, and yes, you've guessed it, the exam is just around the corner(is it me or do i always update my blog when the exam is near?)

so, what to talk about?

recently i have noticed some things about me(we are of course learning everyday, and that includes learning about yourself), i realised that, i've changed. one thing that i noticed most is that, i've become such an insensitive bastard. yes, that came from me. why? well, lets just say some things happened and as i look back at it, shit, it was my fault. that's one. two, i seem to lost interest in just about everything. i don't give a shit about that, or this, i don't care about that, anything. maybe it's just me, maybe it's the people around me, or maybe it's something that i don't know. i don't know. nothing seems to fascinate me anymore...

but then, my friends and i went to Matang Wildlife last thursday. and for some reason, i find peace, was fun(apart from splashing around the river in a middle of a rain,hhe) and relaxing. we went walking around the forest(though we didn't get to see the animals coz we're too damn late),taking photos(it's good to have friends that own dslr cameras and are really into it), running around the forest shirtless(yes,and i was wearing my hawaii shorts,hhehe) having a good laugh and such. but what i really like was the fact that we are surrounded by nature. the sound of the river, the sound of the forest, the green scenery on your sight, it's just something to really appreciate. my little piece of advice, never underestimate the power of mother nature! true story.

Nature rules!

now, ignore the part where i said i've changed and such. that was just a hook to make you read the rest of the post,hhe.. :p (but if you do think that i've changed,besides being fattier than the last time you saw me, do tell, face to face, would love to hear it)

is that a monkey i see?oh,it's just timothy,hhehe..just kidding

that's me,admiring and appreciating nature..cehhhhh :p

that's it, END!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Job well done guys! (Note that this post is posted via my phone,that's why it's not the usual lengthy post,hhe)

Anyways, as the leader of this project, i wanna thank each and every one of my classmates for making this happen/a success...thank you..

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Future Me

Dear future me,
    in case u didn't remember, while writing this post u got tons of assignments, yet, u were able to sit back n relax like a boss while ur friends working their ass off trying to finish it...heck,im sure u'd finished it,otherwise how else would u be reading this in ur comfy ol sofa with that expensively-delicious looking chocolate ur eating..

Dear future me,
     if ur reading this, i am quiet sure that u've achieved all the things that i've listed..that 15 years time that i gave u since 2012 is more than enuff..what were the things that i want u to do?well,here's the list

1)get ur teaching degree of course!
2)get posted in rural areas so that u noe how hard life can be
3)a nice set of wheels at ur porch
4)got a house(must be double storey)
5)become an awesome teacher!
6)have a second wife(optional :p
7)got a nice collection of sneakers
8)ur parents damn proud of what u've become that time(most important)
9)pursue ur studies to overseas(oversea's optional,as long as u have/about to have a master degree)

and most importantly:
10)you are happy with who you are right now :)

so, 35 year old me, hope u've done everything on the pressure,really..but seriously dude,make sure u've done all of them..if u did,then the optimist 19 year old Abdullah Hakim would've been so proud of you :)

p/s:aku dpt idea ne pas tgk How I Met Your Mother, pressure buddy :) 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 February 2012

for those of you who were born on this very date,which is today,February 29th, well,pity you,muehehe :p

using my facebook account as a tool for surveying,i found that there was only 1 person who's born on this very date,n that person is someone who i dont know(i dunno how in the hell we became friends,but im definitely, positively, sure that i dont know this 29th February girl,hhe..and of course i didn't wish her happy birthday,ohh so devilish of me,hahaha...nahh,i kidd,i'll wish her HB,evnthough i dunno her)...

that was just the intro

anyways, as always, hello 'loyal reader(s)', i am pretty sure that its been quite a while since we last met(yuck!cm byk jk reader)

(Main Point)
well,a lot had happened recently, and of course in that period of time since i last wrote..yup..but lets not talk about that,the past is the past,lets focus on the future shall we?

next week, us tesl students,well,so as the other teacher trainees who's in the same cohort as mine(perhaps the other ipg as well), will be having our case u didn't know, SBE is an acronym for School Based is where we go to school to observe and probably learn something about this teaching profession. of course some of you might say or argue, 'whats the point of u people going to schools and watch things that you'd watched since u were 7???' aaaaahhh....the answer is simple my friend, that 11 years was the view from the eyes of a,we r looking things through the teachers eyes..i mean,u noe,when u were a student the only thing on ur mind when u were at school was playing,playing,more playing,recess,more n more playing, then u wait for the bell,as future teachers, we dont see it that way...we, as the social engineer(grand skit bnyi kalo ad word engineer,hhe :p ), will try our best to bring the best out of these so called future generations...see??its not the same,haha..

speaking of school,2 words to describe it...good times..good times... :)
honestly,if i had the chance to go back to my primary school days, i would definitely do that...those were one of the best time i ever until today(so far)...

and after that 7 days of observing,we'll be having our mid sem break, AWWWW YEAAHHH!!

gahhh,no more ideas n i think its time for me to go to bed...

happy 29th February ya'll! hehehe :p

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


constrained and trap in this daily routine of mine, nothing to do and hampered by laziness, life is perceived as nothing but a walk to a no destination...

but then, something caught the attention of this persona..

ohh,there she was...

her eyes turns men steady feet into a calamati
graceful as a girl should be, she walks, and walks, and walks
i just stood by
fazed by the beauty that she poses

women are indeed one of god's beautiful creation...

it was that tuesday morning...

u think this is real??
naaaahhh, i lied, its just another boring day,u noe, boredom strikes back! kah3! :p

Monday, January 30, 2012

when boredom strikes

i am writing this post when i'm supposed to read some short stories that'll be discuss tomorrow...hah! who cares,they're just short stories,they're short,i'll finish it in no time,hhe :p...well,i did finished reading it but, i don't quite see or understand a thing(nda la nda pham brabis,pham jgak la),i just don't seem to get what were those stories really about, the message that the author trying to send, the moral of the story thingy, u noe...honestly,ever since entering into this degree program, i found out that u had to be smart n at the same time u got to work hard n u can never ever compromise to laziness if u want 2 survive..if not,u'll fall into a life sucking abyss =.='...


(well,this is just another example of what happens when boredom strikes n u got no idea what to do....thank u to whoever it was that created blog :p  )

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

have you?

do you ever feel, like a plastic bag,driftin' through the wind,wa- wait, whatt???
aha, i kid, that was just some lyrics from a song,hhe*ba dum tsss* hehehe..(not funny man)..oh..okay =.=

enuff with all that unfunny jokes,hhe...well, let me start by asking you a question...have u ever been given 5000 ringgit from somebody n its all there for u n it is up2u to do watever that is u want 2 do it n u will be like -okay, u get the point right??(another bad joke)

anyways, fyi, we teacher trainess of IPGKTAR just received our allowances(it was last thursday actually) n god..what a feeling that was..imagine u have FIVE THOUSAND RINGGIT right at the palm of ur hand(well,it's still in the bank actually..i haven't hold it..but hey,the feelings the same right??YOU OWN THE MONEY!!), the feeling is just awesome..its like ur a rich guy or something(yeah guy-.-)

and thats the problem that i'm facing right now...

before this,never before i think abt buying this, or getting that..but when i got my allowances, I WANT THEM ALL!!!(fuhhh,serius,nafsu2 =.=)..but,come n think abt it,when else r u gonna njoy all this??ur young n all of a sudden a chunk of money fallen from the sky(its from our 'beloved' government actually),what else u wanna do??spend it lah,haha...yes u can dear friends, but remember to save some(some as in a big amount really,coz ur gonna need it for the next 5 months),i've decide,to spent it on these things(probably) wait wait,

 WHAT IS THIS POST IS ABOUT ACTUALLY???nothing makes sense!! tell u the truth, i just wanna share some of the things that i wanna(might) buy with that money,really...he..he..he..(boooo!!!)...

No.1 Beats headphones!

No. 2 Limited Edition Converse shoes!!!

No. 3 iPad2!

n that's abt it... figuratively, it is possible(considering the price n the amount money that i have)! but realistically, its not possible, i only have to choose one aaaa???(wouldn't be better if u just save ur money for future purposes???) me:............

(what a lame post, boooo!!!...) -.-'    

Gambar Hiasan

Monday, January 23, 2012

why i love Manchester United n why some hate

this post is obviously talking about football, so if u r one of those people who thinks that football is about 22 men chasing after a ball, please, kindly leave....

so, why i love Manchester United?? its simple, i like their style of play, i love their winning mentality and of course the never say die attitude that breeds inside each n every one of them...relentless...i think i made it clear ain't i??well,some of you might say,barcelona n arsenal played a much more beautiful football,with their tiki-taka style n all..yes,they r beautiful,i have to admit on that..but honestly,there just something abt the way United play that captivates me..the thrive to go forward and kept on attacking n attacking till the final whistle is such a joy to watch...

now,why united got many haters??(still,the number of people behind United are more compared to them haters..fact!*citation needed*) well obviously bcoz the success that United achieved is to be envied by other supporters, now this is a fact that i think even people who's not so into football but surrounded by footballing culture would definitely agree on,hah!

well,thats just abt it...the sole reason i write this post is actually to remind me that on this very day(yesterday actually),22nd of january 2012, United outplayed Arsenal, beating them 1-2,away from home,with some stylish display of football n an outstanding performance by valencia n nani,hhehe..hopefully one day while i browse through all my post,i'll definitely remember that on this occasion, United is undoubtedly awesome since then n forever...Glory Glory Manchester United!!!!
(sorry folks,no jokes on this post,hhe)

yup...we outplayed arsenal..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

just a reminder

just a reminder that what an awesome day was today as a United fan..why??

-we beat city 2-3 at their own turf(Manchester is red!!!)

-and the return of a legend...Paul Scholes!

welcome back lad!