Wednesday, November 23, 2011


its been a while since the last time i updated this blog...anyways, lets get straight to the thing that i would like to discuss tonight...

as we all malaysian know, we just won the SEA games gold medal in football, beating our arch nemesis, indonesia!!!! a dramatic match that end up in 1-1 draw which then decide through penalties which we won 4-3(amek mu,haha)....HOOOORRREEEEYYYY!!!!!!!

but then, moments before im posting this post, Malaysia lose 0-2 to syria in the olympic group qualifying rounds...sad...

well, i got mixed emotions n opinions about our national squad n the fate of malaysian football...first of all, yes, i am proud with their achievements in the sea games. they've shown that malaysia is definitely one of the power house in football in sout east asia region that is(judging by the u23 squad n champions of the AFF suzuki cup)...

BUT...wake up call people, we r still far behind...the footballing system in our nation is i think still not up to the standard if we are to compete against other asian giants..our leagues still below the par...the quality,*sigh*,is still far reach from the level that'll put us as the same ranks as other nations...sometimes,the current state of our league or footballing thingy watever really made me questioned myself, what really went wrong??

if we look back in history,our footballing quality is not that far from others and we did produce some brilliant players along the way...that history my friend should've been the foundation of our country's football development(which i think we should reap the outcome right now)...but then, what had happen???where did it all go??honestly, if the FA build the ground from those past years of glories,'fixing' the leagues or perhaps build an academy and such,  its not impossible that we're playing at the 2006 world cup...i mean, look at korea, japan, they were able to do it, so why aren't we??hurrrrmmmmm...perhaps we were buzy chasing the 2020 vision or maybe buzy building sky what the heck...

yes, who am i to say such words n judgments on our football whatever league squad thingy, u don't have the authority! ur not even an expert in these sort of things!"...yup, perhaps, but as a fan n a malysian who loves football as much as his love to life, i think i have the rights to voice out my opinion...its my blog for god sake!hehe...

all in all(cam esay la plak), i hope that our nation football will....i don't know, i hope for the best n definitely improvements....MALAYSIA BOLEH!

below is a video of one of the greatest footballing legend that our country produce n of course some glimpse of how great our football was...the golden age as they call it...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

we were programmed wrong...

gempak kn title??haha, not really la..this thought suddenly came to my mind while i was studying(mo tnjuk sda study la ni,hhe)...

right, now i would like to ask, why are we studying?whats the sole purpose of us studying?

i'm sure that most of u will answer exam dah dekat, or back in ur school days, to get a brighter future/to achieve my ambition n get a good job when u grown up...i think thats why nowadays u got people committing suicide because of studies or career related thingy..

if only we were thought or nurtured that we study is for the sake of knowledge itself, to love the knowledge, to appreciate it, NOT becoz u must pass some exam papers or because u were told to...

dah,mo smbung study,haha...

this pic was taken way back during my schooling days...good times..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

main jwb 11 soalan adell suruh :p

this post is dedicated Miss Abdil Zakiah a.k.a Adell a.k.a 2nd witch a.k.a 3rd speaker a.k.a kind evil stepmother,hehe...(tgok,ak poskn lg gmbr mu msa kta 'menang' impromptu speech ari 2,hhe :p )

God helps those who help themselves

so i got tagged by teacher adell in a game where i have to tell 11 things about me n then answer another 11 question given by her...okay, so here goes!

11 things about me

-i'm a big fan of Manchester United( sure all of u noe that,hhe)

-i read novels..sometimes...(o yaaa,dell,buku wikileaks ku pa kbr???hhe)

-so in love with cars(my current favorite car is Lexus it, its wicked!)

-i enjoyed reading comics by Zint,Slaium,Ben,Keith n other local comic artist(mst ko x tau ni kn dell?? :p)

-without any doubt, i would rather sit back at my home or in any mamak stall to watch a United game rather than going on a hot date(actually,that depends,if it was hanis zalikha o selena gomez o heliza o diana danielle o rossie huntington whitely o juliana evans o kiera knightley o scarlett johansen, perhaps, by some chance, i'll reconsider it,hhe :p )

-i don't have a such a good sense of fashion...but i'm not the worse,hhe

-my favorite brand is Nike, Adidas n Converse(typical boys favorite)

-i'm a good listener coz its my nature to just listen to whatever people say(so if any of u out there got any problems to share with,let it be known that i am here(single girls only,hhe :p..just kiddin..)

-sometimes i tend to get nervous o shy with people who i never been or met with..but once they noe me, mwahahahaha(evil laugh)

-i have alergies..(nda mo bgtau ap,t ad org niat jhat,ssh ak,hhe)

-when i was a kid my dream was to become an automotive engineer, but that dream shattered to pieces after i realise how freaking hard add math n physic was...bye2 dream...

Now, the 11 questions:

1. Animal that freak me out? Penyengat...disebabkan ni benda i was hospitalized....

2. Love before or after marriage? before is preferably better but don't take too much time coz u'll get me,hhe...

3. People who annoys me? them fuckin' litter bugs...never failed to annoy me...

4. do i believe in ghost? Uuuuuiiiihhh, bilip!(slang2 sabah) lot of my friends saw them...

5. INCEPTION! i've watched it gazzilion time but it never gets old...

6. Lemon Tree by Fools Garden...heard the song ever since i was a kid...hearing it brings me back to memory lane,haha

7. Place i would like to visit? the motherland of football: England!

8. First love? u wouldn't believe this: 11..advance kn?? :p

9. Wikileaks: Inside Jullian Assange War On Secrecy...ehhh, dgan ko msh buku tu kan??pa kabar??hehehe :p

10. My favorite color is red. why? back at high school my rumah sukan was Magnesium which is red,hhe...

11. 5 words to describe me? Curious, Humble, Respectful, Provocative, Kind

so now i have to tag 11 friends right?

Mon(tolng bgtau dy dell,nda smpat mo link2,jm 2 sda ni,hhe :p )
Mira NS
Adell(nda byk bh knln blog ku,ko jwb jk balik,hhe..)
Hanis Zalikha
Obefiend Weiland
Richie McCaw
Barrack Obama

my 11 questions are:

1.if you're bout to die to tomorrow, who are going to give ur final words to n what is it?
2.u saw a kid starving n u urselve starving. would u buy the kid some food?
3.if ur the prime minister or the president(now Barrack, i'm sure ur good at this) of a nation, what's the first thing u would like change in that country of yours?
4.if u wrote a book, what'll the title be? you believe in the idea that we can plant ideas in ones mind through dreams? you think Sharbinee is to be blame for Terengganu recent defeat to Negeri Sembilan?
7.whats the first thing pop out of ur head when u hear/read the word: Facebook
8.who's more handsome, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds? you think Coca Cola company is to be blame for Nadia Muliadi's current addiction to the drink or is it she herself is to be blame for being unable to control herself. give ur opinion.(10marks)
10.who do you think will win the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League?
11.what is acculturation?