Tuesday, June 28, 2011

today is the 28th of June 2011...

 what so special about today??well, its been a year since i've entered this institute...a lot had happened in that one year period...so many, hard to recall(malas sbnrnya mo ingt blik,hehe)...anyways, it been a while since i've updated this blog...lets see, nothing much interesting happened really, its just that our juniors had come to this institute, making me, so as my friends, not 'the junior' anymore..get it?coz when u r junior, this even happened when i was in form 1, u'll be like the centre of attention...everyone will be watching u,judge ur evry move n words that u speak,huh!really, i dont like it,haha...but now that we have a new intake who is our junior(duhh),taking our place as the 'observer object' as i would like to call it,haha...enuff with this silly junior issue! haha...the reason i want to post this post(?) is to remember the day i came to IPTAR...this was the day that i challenge myself(ceh),i think, where i become a total outsider,with no familiar faces to be seen , hearing n speak words that i do not speak of before, new culture, new environment(sounds grand isn't it??haaa :p ), yes,this was the day...aaaaahhhh, sounds boring isn't it??want to hear something exciting?? tomorrow is the premier of Transformer 3!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!! can't wait!!! >.< ....think thats it for today...adios! :D
Transformer 3!!!!(there were a lot more better image than this, but since this was the only picture wasn't blocked by WLAN Student, i had no other choice,hehehe :p

Sunday, June 19, 2011

holiday comes to an end :(

after 3 weeks of holiday, the day that everybody 'been waiting for' finally comes...*sigh*..yup,gudbye holiday...T.T...well, 1 thing is certain, im not ready to go for a lecture yet,hahaha..that 'home aura' is still in the atmosphere,haha..but, this sem,i think i have to be a little more serious...i think..coz i'll be having my exam this sem after a year of no worries and no exam,hehe..aaahhhh..no idea...bbye..

Friday, June 10, 2011

whats up with that????

okay, so, just now i have a dinner with my family+my cousins n aunts at a restaurant. so, u know, the typical activities done when families met, chit chating, laughing n all...this dinner was actually to celebrate my dads promotion from (i dunno) to q52 (i think,hehe), so congrats dad!

but what i really wanna talk about is the news that i saw on the telly during that dinner. it happens at pakistan, the news was about a man, unarmed, i dunno why all of the sudden the authority got something against him(i wasn't listening to what the reporter said about it coz i was to focus watching the clip,hehe..) then all of the sudden, they shot the man! they shot the man! live! on air! real one! no fakie! ayooo...it was horrifying! a real live scenario where a man shot, aired on i think one of the most watched news programme in this country! seriously, i was freaking mad, not because the man got shot (coz i dont know the whole picture of the story so i can't judge anybody in that situation), but because of the news showing that clip. u crazy, u got people from all ages watching it! even i was shocked and terrified after watching that clip, now how about little kids??they shouldn't show that clip, seriously, it was way too explicit...they should've just show some pictures instead...

anyways, what i really2 wanna say is that, the media really have to recheck or reconsider or improve laa sng cakap, the things that they want to broadcast on air. what happened few hours ago was unforgivable...so please, mass media, 'think' before u broadcast something..coz, media plays a big role in shaping peoples mind..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

tomorrow is friday!

first, this post got nothing to do with tomorrow...but it definitely got something to do with the day friday!hehe...wait,tomorrow is friday so of course it got something to do with,aaaahhh, what the heck,hhe..straight to the point!ok...several weeks ago, i listened to hitz.fm n they played a parody song. the song goes something like "monday monday! got a big frown on monday!", the rest i wasnt able to catch up,hhe...so im wondering, whos song got parody was that?? then i browse on the net.....the result was shocking....
turn out the song was originally sung by rebecca black, a 12 o 13 year old if i'm not mistaken...the song entitled Friday...so, was the song good? my answer is, HORRIBLE!!! seriously, listen:

okay, maybe i'm being to harsh, but, seriously man, the song was, god...doesn't this kid got anything else to do??? okay, here is some fact, by the time i post this, this song got a staggering 160,957,282 views, likes and 3,123,064 dislikes! see...i told u the song was horrible...i think this is the most 'disliked' video i've ever seen...seriously..u got 3 million dislike,haha...not to mention the comments that the video receive...yes the song is horrible, but i think people are being way way over about their comments. some comments ask her to kill herself? c'mon, dont be that cruel laaa...she still a kid...dont be too harsh on her...pity her...but i still wonder, why they haven't remove the video??she knows that the video is like, hated by people, she got bad words from other people because of it, so, why keep it?? aaahhh...didn't matter...the song is still horrible,haha...thats all for this post...fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun, aaaaaahhh...the song stuck in my head!!!! o ya, here's a funny parody of the song,haha...adieu!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

half way

ayoooo..the holiday is almost overrrr....n i think i didnt do much during this holiday,aiyoo..i do have plans, but it didnt happen,huhu...=.='