Friday, October 19, 2012


i don't need any apologies for not updating this blog coz no one reads it anyway (except adell maybe,coz she do visit it. occasionally,hhe)

anyways,boredom got me again and that is probably the reason why i have this sudden urge of writing something on this blog. thanks boredom, you are indeed useful in 'waking' that drive to write.

now, a lot had happened along the time that i'm not updating this blog. i am now at the end of my 1st year as a degree student, and yes, you've guessed it, the exam is just around the corner(is it me or do i always update my blog when the exam is near?)

so, what to talk about?

recently i have noticed some things about me(we are of course learning everyday, and that includes learning about yourself), i realised that, i've changed. one thing that i noticed most is that, i've become such an insensitive bastard. yes, that came from me. why? well, lets just say some things happened and as i look back at it, shit, it was my fault. that's one. two, i seem to lost interest in just about everything. i don't give a shit about that, or this, i don't care about that, anything. maybe it's just me, maybe it's the people around me, or maybe it's something that i don't know. i don't know. nothing seems to fascinate me anymore...

but then, my friends and i went to Matang Wildlife last thursday. and for some reason, i find peace, was fun(apart from splashing around the river in a middle of a rain,hhe) and relaxing. we went walking around the forest(though we didn't get to see the animals coz we're too damn late),taking photos(it's good to have friends that own dslr cameras and are really into it), running around the forest shirtless(yes,and i was wearing my hawaii shorts,hhehe) having a good laugh and such. but what i really like was the fact that we are surrounded by nature. the sound of the river, the sound of the forest, the green scenery on your sight, it's just something to really appreciate. my little piece of advice, never underestimate the power of mother nature! true story.

Nature rules!

now, ignore the part where i said i've changed and such. that was just a hook to make you read the rest of the post,hhe.. :p (but if you do think that i've changed,besides being fattier than the last time you saw me, do tell, face to face, would love to hear it)

is that a monkey i see?oh,it's just timothy,hhehe..just kidding

that's me,admiring and appreciating nature..cehhhhh :p

that's it, END!

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