Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Beauty of The Devil

It's real!

Now,I'm a big fan of the world of organised crime, been a fan since I saw the Godfather movie. Since then I've been watching and reading countless movies and books of that genre;about the family,drug dealing,dirty politics,hands on the authorities, corruption, power, you know, those kind of stuff. and my personal favourite is of course The Godfather trilogy. The movie is based on the novel written by Mario Puzzo, a bestseller(would be surprise if it hadn't), and definitely the best of the lots in portraying the world of organised crime, the mafia world.

So in a way,i know a little about it(even though it's just through fictional movies and books, not the real thing. But of course I've never done it,dosa tuu..dosa besar!). Then came the Global Witness video, bam!

The Real Godfather is no Corleone, he's here! 

I have never been so astonished(and of course very pissed) when i saw the video. Everything mentioned by 'his' (lets call this particular guy Barzini) family members is like in the movies and novels! It's true! It's real! For example, when doing business the Godfather himself, in our case Barzini, won't be in the place of the deal. He'll let his proxies go and do the business,making it appear as if he never got involved in those deals. Barzini himself will also assure you that you don't have to be afraid of the authorities when you want to do business with him, he got them in his pockets, just like Vito Corleone and his connections to the people of power. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It really is like in the movies! To realise that it's happening in this very place, this place where i'm setting my feet on, is just, i thought they were just fictions or just on other countries of big cities like America or China, but it's happening here! Un-fucking-believable. Our very own Godfather and his family. Of course before this video was released i have heard stories about his ruling, his billions worth of property, but to be exposed in a more detailed and full proof evidence, fuhhhhh.. It has never been this beautiful.  

To go against a monster.

Based on the mind of this geeky fan of this organised crime thing, you can't. You just can't. They got the political influence, you can't do nothing when they have those. The expensive lawyers are on their side to answer for them,their assets are always hidden, so even if you make them go to jail, next thing when they got out,money is still there,dude will still be friggin rich. They got powerful people behind them who got a hold on all those things you need to live, according to law(twisted law) that is, like food supplies, land, to go against them is suicide. Sad,isn't it?

Blood will be shed! 

Another thing that scares me right now is the 'no loose ends' kind of stuff. I'm pretty sure that Barzini is pretty pissed how the deal got leaked. You know that in The Godfather film, Michael killed his own brother Fredo because of treason? A man of wealth, a man of power like Barzini definitely wouldn't be afraid of 'pulling the trigger'. He got a reputation to keep, a 'family' to feed, friends to show respect on him, so when this happen, you know it's not going to be pretty.


This whole thing that's been happening is reality. The world is not as beautiful as it seems. Barzini is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe there are still many out there, doing deals, burdening the people for their own personal sake. I guess it's them who's the idiot now, being fooled by an NGO, believing that they are making investments and stuff. And you call the locals as fools? pffffftt.. You and you're families are the fools. Bloody-foolish-greedy fools!

A child's fantasy.

Lets be clear here, I'm just a fan of the subject, I'm not sure whether they are true(but the corruption definitely is!). It's just my fantasy, just my point of view, a view from a innocent mind of the reality. But remember, our mind are no longer blind. We can no longer be oppress, we are not fools. Yes it will be a dangerous path to take, to take on a giant beast, but truth will always prevail.

Watch out Barzini.  

Gambar hiasan


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